Activity Log for MemberPress

Keep a log of various changes you and your team make to MemeberPress. This free extension allows you to keep a record of changes made to memberships, subscriptions, groups, roles, and much more.

Effortlessly keep a log of MemberPress changes

MemberPress is a popular WordPress plugin that allows you to monetize your WordPress website through memberships. Whether you’re selling courses, digital downloads, or anything in between, MemberPress can help you deliver.

Thanks to WP Activity Log, you can now keep a log of MemberPress changes, giving you better insight and control over how your website is managed and run.

MemberPress + WP Activity Log
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What is WP Activity Log?

WP Activity Log is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to track changes as they happen on your website. It can keep a log of an extensive list of activities, providing you with unprecedented insight into what goes on under the hood of your WordPress. Thanks to a growing list of extensions, you can also keep track of changes made to third-party plugins, including MemberPress (among many others).

What MemberPress changes can the plugin keep a log of?

WP Activity Log is a professionally developed and supported plugin. We are constantly adding new features and extending the activities the plugin can keep a log of. The plugin also receives frequent updates, helping you ensure you can bring your A-Game day in and day out.

WP Activity Log can keep a log of various changes to the following MemberPress components:

WP Activity Log has the ability to keep track of memberships, members, groups, and roles. Additionally, WP Activity Log also keeps a record of rules, settings, subscriptions, and transactions.

MemberPress Layout

How to start tracking MemberPress changes

WP Activity Log keeps a log of changes on some of the most popular WordPress plugins.

Getting started with the activity log for MemeberPress is easy. First, install WP Activity Log. This will provide you with extensive core functionality that includes the user session management, which also applies to MemberPress users.

Once WP Activity Log is installed, download the Activity Log for MemberPress extension and install it. Activate the extension to start keeping a log of MemberPress changes automatically.