Easily Search For & Find Specific Activity

Make free-text based searches to easily track down specific WordPress changes and user activity that happened on your MainWP network and child sites. You can also use the filters to fine tune the search results and search in the activity logs of individual child websites.


Generate Statistics, Managerial & Compliance WordPress Reports

Generate any type of WordPress website and user activity report from both the MainWP and child sites’ activity log. You can also configure automated reports that can be sent to you daily, weekly or monthly via emails.


Automatically send weekly or monthly reports to your customers!

Automatically send any type of user and site activity reports to your customers via email. You can configure the plugin to automatically send a report with activity log data every day, week, month or quarter, thus keeping your customers abreast of all that is happening on their website and the hard work you’ve put in to maintain it.


Configure WP Activity Log plugin settings to all your child sites

Control certain settings of the WP Activity Log plugin installed on your child sites via your MainWP dashboard area. For example, settings such as:

  • Activity log retention period
  • Disable specific event IDs
  • Login page notification


Centrally managed activity log settings from MainWP dashboard.


Ivica Delic, MainWP Expert

“Try it and you will see what I am talking about but be warned: this extension is highly addictive as you can do so much more in less time. This is an incredible surveillance combo for all sites you are maintaining, in order to have full and easy control of what is going on.”