Activity Log for MainWP Extension Datasheet

Know exactly what your clients are doing on the MainWP child sites you manage!

The Activity Log for MainWP extension is a fully featured comprehensive activity log solution. It enables MainWP users to keep a log of changes that happen on the MainWP dashboard and also view the activity log of all child sites from the MainWP dashboard.

This datasheet highlights the extensions’ features, and explains how it can help you know exactly what is happening on your MainWP network and child sites. This MainWP extension is developed by the team of WP Activity Log, the most comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin.

The Need for Activity Logs in MainWP & Child Sites

MainWP allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites from one central location – the MainWP dashboard. However you cannot tell what your clients did before the site you manage for them broke down or got hacked. In fact many WordPress agencies waste hours doing guesswork, trying to find out what happened.  And typically it ends up in a blame game with the customers.

Avoid such situations, and save time and resources. Keep a record of everything that happens on your MainWP network and child sites in an activity log.

  • Increase productivity
  • Ease troubleshooting
  • Improve management of child sites & the MainWP network
  • Spot any suspicious behaviour before it becomes a malicious hack
  • Keep track of your work (and justify your charges)
  • And much more!

Activity Log For MainWP Features

Below is an overview of the key features of the Activity Log for MainWP extension

Key Feature Benefit
Comprehensive activity log The WP Activity Log plugin activity logs are very comprehensive. For example it does not just keep a log that a post was updated, but also keeps a log of what was updated in the post, such as the URL, content, date, author etc.
Activity logs of MainWP dashboard The MainWP extension keeps a log of events that happen in the MainWP dashboard, such as user logins, child sites are added, edited or deleted, extensions are installed, activated, deactivated or uninstalled, etc.
Centralized logs of child sites The extension allows you to see the activity logs of all the child sites on your MainWP network from one central location – the MainWP dashboard.
Logs of changes in MainWP extensions Keep a log of changes done in MainWP extensions as well. For example the plugin keeps a log of changes done in the Advanced Uptime Monitor extension.
Search and filters Make free-text based searches to easily track down specific WordPress changes and user activity that happened on your MainWP network and child sites, and use the filters to fine tune your search results.
Reports Generate any type of report from the activity logs with the easy to use reporting engine. Export the reports to HTML or CSV format.
Child site selector menu Use the child site selector drop down menu in the activity log viewer to filter the view of events by child site.
Child site configurator Easily add or remove child sites from the central activity log in MainWP from the extension settings.
Easy to get started and use The extension’s setup wizard allows you to add & retrieve the activity logs of child sites within just a few seconds. Refer to the Getting Started with the Activity Logs for MainWP for more information.
Configurable activity log display settings Configure every display setting of the activity logs. E.g. select what timestamp, user information or columns to display.
Child site activity logs retrieval settings By default the plugin retrieves the child sites activity logs every three hours, though you can configure this schedule and also how many events it retrieves.
Secure & efficient retrieval of child sites activity logs The extension uses MainWP’s communication channel to ensure the retrieval of child site activity logs is secure, efficient and consumes the least possible resources.
MainWP Child Site Stealth Mode The WP Activity Log plugin install on the child site can be configured in Stealth Mode so only you know that the activity log plugin is installed on the site.