Email Notifications for WP Activity Log

 Get Notified Instantly via Email when Important Changes are Made on Your WordPress

The Email Notifications for WP Activity Log Add-On allows you to easily configure rules so you will receive an email when there is a change on your WordPress and WordPress multisite installations. There is no need for you to keep an eye on the Audit Log viewer to track some specific change, simply set up the rules and receive an email when such change happens.

Easy to Use Email Notifications for WordPress

Emails notifications Add-On is very easy to use.To setup a notification simply  configure a trigger , as per the screenshot below and you will receive an email the next time the trigger criteria is met.

Configuring triggers for email alerts in the Notification Add-On for WP Activity Log plugin

Get Notified of Any Type of WordPress Changes

There are no restrictions to what you can monitor. Each email notification contains all the details WordPress administrators need such as the date and time, user, user role, source IP, details about the actual action and more. Configure triggers to receive an email notification when:

  • New content is created or existing content is modified or deleted
  • When someone logs in from a specific IP or on a specific time
  • To monitor the activity of a specific user, group of users or users with a specific role
  • When a plugin or theme is installed, updated, activated, deactivated and uninstalled
  • When files are modified using the WordPress editor
  • And much more…

WordPress email alert from WP Activity Log

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WordPress Multisite & Volume Pricing

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