External DB for WP Activity Log

 Meet Legal and Regulatory Compliance Requirements, Mirror the logs to Syslog and Papertrail and Improve the Security of Your WordPress.

Archiving, Mirroring and External Database support for the WordPress Security Audit Trail

The External DB for WP Activity Log Add-On enables you to:

  • Save the WordPress activity log to an external database (rather than in the WordPress database).
  • Mirror the activity log to Syslog and Papertrail, the cloud-hosted log management solution.
  • Archive the activity log to an external database so the main database is kept small, manageable and fast.

Ensure Your Business Websites Meet Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Many legal and regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, NIST and DISA-STIG, which require business website owners to keep an activity log of everything that is happening on their website on a separate server.

Improve the Security of WordPress

Separating the WordPress Audit Log from the WordPress database, where other website data is stored, is a highly recommended security best practice. By doing so you ensure that the WordPress activity log is not tampered and cannot be accessed in case of a WordPress hack attack.

Centralize Logging and Audit Logs

If you have a centralize activity log, a syslog solution or something such as Papertrail, where all the different components on your IT infrastructure store the logs, you can use the External DB Add-on for WP Activity Log to store the WordPress activity log on your central logging server.

Ensure the Logs are Always Available

The mirroring of logs to an external system such as Syslog or Papertrail is vital because if the website is offline you cannot review the logs to troubleshoot what is happening unless the logs are stored somewhere else.

Boost the Performance of WordPress

Even though the communication between the WP Activity Log plugin and the WordPress database is very efficient, by storing the WordPress Audit Log in an external database you ensure that all the resources available on the server  are used for the website itself.

Premium Benefits

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WordPress Multisite & Volume Pricing

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