Reports for WP Activity Log

Generate WordPress Reports to Ensure Users’ Productivity and Meet Legal and Regulatory Compliance Requirements

The Reports for WP Activity Log Add-On allows you to generate any type of report from the WordPress Audit Log. You can also configure automated weekly and monthly reports which you can receive via email.

Generating WordPress reports with the Reports add-on for WP Activity Log is very simple.

WordPress Reports & Details

Rather than having pre-configured reporting templates, the Reports add-on allows you to generate any type of report and it does not restrict you to what type of data you can include in your WordPress reports. Simply choose the criteria for your report and click generate report.

HTML and CSV WordPress Reports

If you need to print or store reports to meet legal and regulatory compliance requirements you can generate an HTML report. If on the other hand you would like to automatically import user and site activity reports to a centralized reporting solution you can generate a standard CSV format report which can be easily parsed and imported in other solutions.

WordPress reports generated with the Reports Add-on for WP Activity Log

Ensure User Productivity with Reports

Generate user based reports to track and keep record of every action of a specific user, group of users, role or a group of roles. WordPress reports allow you to keep track of when users are logging in and out of WordPress, and what they are doing once logged in.

Meet Legal and Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Businesses have to adhere to strict legal and regulatory compliance requirements to be able to do business. And such requirements cannot be met unless detailed reports of user activity are kept. Hence use the Reports add-on to automatically generate the required WordPress reports so your business meets all the legal and compliance requirements.

Automated Periodic Reports

The reports add-on allows you to configure any type of daily, weekly, monthly and even quarterly reports, so you do not need to manually generate reports.

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Renewals: Yearly renewals are discounted by 30% and are automatically setup during purchase. You can cancel the automatic renewals from your PayPal anytime after the purchase. Renewals entitle you for product updates, bug fixes and support after the first year.

WordPress Multisite & Volume Pricing

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