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Keep a log of all users and website activity

Ease troubleshooting & problem solving

Identify & thwart suspicious behavior

Improve user accountability

Case Studies


Running Robots

Running Robots relies on WP Activity Log to boost security and ensure user accountability of each WordPress project they manage.



WP Activity Log’s ability to log a broad range of activities allowed Saucal to easily accomplish the specific functionality they needed.


Saintly Solutions

Saintly Solutions chooses WP Activity Log to track every inch of each WordPress website and WooCommerce store they manage.

InSchoolwear Logo


WP Activity Log’s straightforward features allowed InSchoolwear to organize various administrative and security issues.

Stephen Hodges


BosonHub uses WP Activity Log to keep track of what happens on their WordPress websites and to guarantee user responsibility.



JIMEFITMOM uses WP Activity Log to track user sessions and integrations with Log Management Systems.


Great product and excellent support

We purchased a year ago for our multisite installation and have had zero issues with logging.

– Canisius College WordPress Administrator

Great plugin

Must have plugin if you take care of your WordPress site.

– Feriman

Great plugin, super helpful.

Great plugin to observe everything happening. Allowed us to detect a couple IP’s abusing our login as well as monitor staff’s activity. Great plugin all around.

– vistaradio

Must-Have Plugin

I’ve had this plugin running on several websites for almost a year. I’ve never had any problem with it, it keeps me on top of all activity happening on the sites. They have fast, expert support on questions. This is an absolute must-have plugin for managing WordPress sites. Can’t recommend it enough.

– ceef454

Excellent plugin for activity log!

A security activity log is super important when it comes to website management, it helps to keep log & track user activities. Especially when you need to troubleshoot & Identify Problems.

– Julian Song

Great plugin, great support

Everything works as it should. Support is also great. Thanks again.

– thedonnate

Well worth the purchase

Impressed with this plugin. Definitely recommended and support very good too.

– lenitgp

Perfect way to see what your VAs and Team are or are not doing!

Great plugin when you hire writers, eCom shop assistants, etc. You never want bad surprises with your eCom – you want to KNOW if they change pricing, ruin something in your funnel or whatever. This plugin will tell you!

– TekGirlyMama

Great intel on multiple sites

Easy to use, and can alert on only the events you want it to. Great use for auditing activity logs. Easy to use and excellent support.

– paulrc

Great way to know what’s going on in your WP site

I had multiple content providers and an external web designer working on my web site. While I wouldn’t let people I didn’t trust into the site, I wanted to be able to have an activity log of everyone’s activities. This tool works admirably well.

– trackerjon

Awesome Plugin

Good choice for means of auditing what’s going on backend.

– Bernardo K

Great Plugin and better support

I upgraded to pro because my client requested it. Very nice documentation. Also, I created an extension in a very easy way.

– rantonana


Excellent plugin, excellent support!

– rogeriodec

A Fantastic Useful Plugin

Works as advertised to provide wonderful information about internal and external happenings. This plugin is playing a major role in cleaning up a hacked site for a client of mine. And has provided clues to the source of a lot of 404 errors and 500 errors. For free you can’t go wrong with this plugin. Real time data capture for review. The best.

– flyfisher842

Great auditing system

The level of detail provided in the free edition is amazing. The premium adds features like search and filters that make it a powerhouse auditing tool.

– WilkinsIT

Extremely Useful and Thorough Plugin with Highly Responsive Plugin Author

I’ve been using WP Activity Log (Premium version) now for a few weeks, and I must say it is extremely thorough and well-designed. This plugin really does track/log just about every possible action/activity in WordPress, and allows you to be selectively notified about that activity. There are flexible features to control how long data is stored and where to store it (such as an external database).

– Michael Samson

Great support, very responsive

I’ve installed this plugin several times for myself and clients. it’s a go-to in my toolbelt.

– incredimike

Plugin had some issues but were solved almost instantly

A client of mine had issues with this plugin, the heavy queries rendered the plugin nearly useless… He contacted the author and got one of the best support experiences to date. Very helpful and willing to improve the plugin almost instantly when the problem was reported.

Now with new queries the plugin loads very fast even though there’s millions of logged records in the database.

Five stars!

– Rado

Plugin doing what it should do with great support

The plugin is satisfying our needs, and it gives a great overview of the things you want to keep an eye on. The support is also great and usually responds fast, so you’re not stuck waiting for days, which is very comforting.

– daphamius

Invaluable security tool

This is a “must-have” plugin. The activity log can be configured to capture a wide range of security information. The developers are incredibly responsive to an issue. In my case, a patch was sent out very quickly. I highly recommend this plugin.

– wpbccwnc5

Quick Quality Support

Reported a bug, they responded quickly and had a fix in the next released version. As you can see by all the reviews they are excellent developers.

– patternmb

The Third Eye

I’ve been using WP Activity Log for a few months now and it has definitely helped me. Just as it says, it keeps an eye on everything that is happening on my WordPress site. Definitely a plugin every WordPress admin should use.

– bvpriteshvora

Very useful plugin for multisite.

If you run a multisite install and have lots of users and administrators, troubleshooting issues can be difficult. This plugin helps me figure out exactly what is happening on the site when I need to determine why something is “all of a sudden” broken.

– dandrzejewski

Really nice plugin

Works great and even more important “feels” great to know that something works like it should. Nice job.

– Demode

Awesome Plugin

The plugin is extremely easy to use and helps you track everything that’s happening on your site. Whether it’s a single user site owner or a website designer managing multiple sites, this plugin has something unique to offer for everyone. You can effectively track changes to your site before they turn into serious issues.

– Andre Ribeiro

Perfect for Woocommerce Shop Manager Auditing

This product is perfect if you want to audit each action on the admin side of WooCommerce store. The Premium version is a must have as you can easily search for logs when admins have made any changes products or orders. Thank you ‘WP Activity Log’ Team!

– Rudi S

Great Plugin with excellent support!

Great plugin for seamlessly monitoring activity, changes, failed login attempts, etc. Very useful in a multi Admin. environment. Support responses are quick, helpful and complete. I highly recommend this plugin.

– jazimmer

Comprehensive reporting done right!

This is exactly what we were looking for! We just launched a multisite installation with three websites. We have three agencies helping in different capacities as well as several internal admins. This plugin helps us track all of the input and changes from the various sources, as well as the detailed security related info.

– TechDaddyK

Great support

Great plugin, even better support

– bhagyashree11

Nothing short of exceptional

I had been stuck for a long time relying on what a developer was able or willing to reveal about their work on my site. I can now view that activity for myself and have gained much greater insight as a result. I could not say enough positive things about the WordPress Audit Logs plugin from

– slowmovingtrain

Great plugin even better support


– dlpesis

Makes it easy to track multiple admin user actions!

This plugin helps us easily more easily determine which admin made changes to the site! It works as intended, and support from Robert is fast and effective! Thank you!

– tmuka

Awesome Plugin

Really great security audit plugin, I’ve used this for years on hundreds of websites. When you have questions or an issue contacting support is a great experience, Robert is excellent at helping with any problems you have. This should be a shining example of what support should be on all plugins!

– thevalleylist

Essential tool with great exception reporting

I build WP-powered learning management systems used for high-stakes content. This plugin is essential for tracking learner activity and reducing cheating. Highly recommended.

– Michael C

Useful plugin, very helpful support

I haven’t used this a great deal as I’m still in development but I think it provides a very good solution to examining activity on my site. I’ve also found the support team to be extremely responsive and helpful. Recommended!

– benmcd0nald

Great plugin, even better support

After seeing a few entries in the Woo logs that shouldn’t be there, I reached out to the developer of this plugin. They jumped on it and provided answers to the reported issues within hours of my inquiry. I like the plugin a lot, but love the support even more.

– the4x4guys

Sweet Nibbletts!

More Pure Awesomeness!

– Bluebunny

Great auditing tool

This tool is very useful to me as administrator of two multi-site networks. It catches things that raise red flags before they become problems.

– czinn

My favorite plugin to obey GDPR

I love this plugin. It’s very useful to obey the GDPR when there are too many users/admins for a WordPress site. Lovely support

– Tesacu

excellent support!

I’ve been using this valuable plugin for one and a half years now – and I missed he change in the licensing model. After having understood the issue I contacted the support – and I got immediate help and all problems were solved!

– hwiehle


Explicit interface, many functions, polite support. This plugin and deveoper(s) are awesome!

– rpvt7513

Must-have plugin for security awareness

WP Activity Log is extremely useful for tracking the activity on my sites. I highly recommend it. WPSAL is one of my top 10 must-have plugins for every new installation. Very responsive and dedicated support.

– MotionWP

Works great

I upgraded to pro because my client requested email notices when employees logged in and made changes. There’s a thorough documentation section, and when I emailed with questions responses were quick and useful. Thank you for this tool.

– Ruanna

Great support

All plugin related questions are re-solved quickly by support guy,
The plugin gives explicit information and provides great capabilities for monitoring website activity.

– fluoriteen

Comprehensive overview

“I know what you did last summer”. If you are curious about site activity, this is a brilliant plugin.

– Con Schneider

Saves time and helps with error searching

Great plugin, have used it for years and it has helped me a couple of times determine the cause of a problem for a customer. Once I was able to pinpoint who made what mistake it was a lot easier to instruct the customer on how to use the admin properly.

– Lars Koudal

Security at its best

Great plugin, have used it for a few weeks following a breach. I can now monitor every change, be notified and can take action if needed. The support team have been awesome, and I would recommend this time and time again to anyone I know with a WordPress site that wants to take the extra step in securing their sie and to be able to audit changes.

– italexjenkins

Great plugin – very well designed

This plugin is perfect for user and system auditing. We configured logging for 365 days, and configured it store to a separate database server which helped us satisfy specific network segmentation requirements. Worked great, no configuration issues, very helpful guidance within the plugin itself.

– luminysinc

Great plugin! nice work

Nice plugin to keep in track all is happening on your site! And have some integration like slack and DB.

– christian1983

GodMode ON!

Finally I have a total insight and control of what is going on throughout my web portal. Haven’t tried other similar plugins but I would say look no further as this one is a beast! Good job guys, keep up the good work!

– banedostanic

Great product & Support

This product truly does what it is meant to do and find the support to be very good. They seem to continue to improve their product to make a better user experience.

– aetechadmin

Great log viewer tool

Great !! All most all activity logs view available and easy setup wizard.

– sybozz

Great Plugin and Service!

It’s perfect to WordPress/Woocommerce audits! I’m very much satisfied with the plugin. The author and support is great too!

– amgdre

Fantastic Support

Robert and his team do a great job of providing very fast and efficient support. If there is anything they cannot do, they are very transparent and explain why. They also support collaboration with other plugin authors which makes this a real winner!

– bentupper

High quality plugin with great support team

The plugin is high quality and the support team is really active. I had a small issue with this and another plugin working together, and the support team replied quickly and resolved the problem. This was 6/5 customer care and you just got a new customer.

– miikkaj

Great plugin

This is a great plugin and I encourage to install the premium add-ons, really useful!

– Nicolas Juen<

Amazing plugin with fantastic support

Upgraded to the premium version and WOW…what an amazing plugin, with fantastic support. Worth every penny.

– clathuk


Just a very useful plugin. Now receiving pt-BR translation.

– Hudson Santos

Good plugin

When you have the need to check what’s going out and avoid all the pointing of fingers then you need this plugin

– stevewild7

Excellent service and plugin

The plugin makes it possible for me to see what’s happening at the website and that’s an invaluable knowledge. One of the best plugins.

The service and support from the developer (even when I’ve screwed up things) has been outstanding.

I definitely recommend this plugin.

– kaj69



– interbeing

Great Plugin, Awesome support

We were having issues with the content on one page getting reverted randomly, and this plugin was instrumental in tracking down the rather convoluted set of circumstances that caused the issue. During the process, I got confused about logging a couple of different functions we were trying to monitor, reached out the the author and he responded quickly, was very kind and helpful, and got me straightened out right away.

– j.boren

I had a bit of a problem, but I solved it when I contacted support

When I upgraded PHP5 to 7, I got a small warning message in the plugin. Since I worried about that, I contacted support, and with just a few mails, it resolved in a few days.

– ganohr

Excellent Plugins and Support

This audit log plugin keeps track of much more than the others and provides very detailed reports. Just excellent and the support I received was quick and solved my issue immediately.

– nvg

Excellent plugin!

This plugin just solved to keep the trace of all the changes on my platform. Thank you so much!


Really, really useful plugin

We use the free version of this but even so I’ve been able to identify a number of brute force attacks/attempts through it and take action (so thank you!). The times I’ve contacted support I’ve had a quick and helpful response (taking into account timezone differences).

Any problems I do have are actually more to do with our internal work processes and culture rather than any fault of the plugin!

Definitely recommend using this, especially if you use a more devolved editing/publishing model but a centralised team are still expected to keep an eye on the entire wp network.

– cmale

Great plugin, even free version

As for the experience – it is an excellent service and information plugin, which I appreciate. Almost every site is an target for hackers and pirates. Despite they are smart or unexperienced, most of these attempts are visible in the plugin.

– Martin Picek

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