Announcing Activity log for WooCommerce 1.4.0

Today we have released the latest version of the extension Activity Log for WooCommerce. This update features several new additions, improvements, and fixes, but the highlight is the improved coverage of changes in WooCommerce orders, which gives you a much better view of how the team is handling the orders on your WooCommerce store. Highlight: […]

March 2022 activity log extensions update

We are happy to announce new releases for a number of WordPress activity log extensions, which when installed alongside the WP Activity Log plugin you can keep a detailed log of settings and other changes that you and your team do in other plugins. In this month’s update, we are releasing the following updates: Activity […]

Out now: Activity Log for MainWP 2.0

Activity Log for MainWP is a great plugin for those looking to centralize their child sites’ activity logs for WordPress. It allows you to monitor activity logs of all the child sites from your MainWP dashboard, with the latest update making this easier and more seamless than ever before. Big changes for Activity Log for […]

The long-awaited WP Activity Log 4.4.0 update is here (and it’s a big one)

Over the past few months, the WP White Security team has been hard at work developing the next update of WP Activity Log. After several weeks of testing and customer feedback, we are proud to release it to the public. The most significant change in version 4.4.0 is the reports module. Completely re-written from the […]

How to configure Loggly mirroring for WordPress activity logs

WP Activity Log comes jam-packed with many great features, including mirroring logs to a Log Management System. Log Management Systems benefit owners and administrators managing multiple WordPress websites and complex environments. Benefits include centralization of logs, ease of access, and added security, to name a few. To start enjoying the many benefits of WP Activity […]

WP Activity Log Update 4.3.4 – A taste of things to come

As many of us prepare to kick off the new year, having eaten our way through another holiday season that we hope was filled with the things you love, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you have shown us over the past year. From our end, we promise […]

Five must-have tools for 360 WordPress administration monitoring

One can very easily argue that for any WordPress website to be successful, it must deliver on three things – value, security, and experience. These three tenets are foundational blocks that any WordPress owner undoubtedly works on. Without either, a website is sure to meet its demise sooner or later. However, value, security, and user […]

Log Management Systems: What are they, and should you use one?

Logs have a reputation for being something that only someone with multiple computer degrees can read and use. While this may have been true in the past, developments in technology and usability have made logs an invaluable tool that anyone can use. From improving security and management of applications such as WordPress to increasing accountability […]

Announcing the activity log extension for TablePress

We’re excited to announce the release of the activity log extension for TablePress, a plugin for WordPress websites to create tables. This new addition to the WP Activity Log family allows plugin users to log TablePress activity, providing even more comprehensive insights into what is happening on their WordPress website. TablePress is an extremely popular […]

WP Activity Log 4.3.3: Enterprise-grade features & more in latest release

We are happy to announce the release of update 4.3.3 for WP Activity Log. This update adds new enterprise-grade features that are primarily aimed at customers running agencies and customers with many WordPress websites. Other new features included in this release focus on compliance and REST coverage. All of this, along with other exciting improvements […]