Activity Log for MainWP 1.5: New search module & better UX

Searching through the activity logs of multiple websites from one central place should be an easy thing to do.

After all, you install an activity log plugin on all the child sites you manage via MainWP so you can know exactly what is happening when you need to.

That is why we are really excited to announce the new update of the Activity Log for MainWP plugin.

New search & filters with better UX

We are the first to admit that the previous search was not exactly the most user friendly. Whenever you ran a search you were greeted with a hideous notification, asking you if you want to extend the search to the activity logs in the child sites.

If you also didn’t like that notification, then you’ll love update 1.5. In this update we included a completely new search and filters module which has a superior user experience and is also faster. By default, searches apply to the activity log in the MainWP database, as clearly highlighted.

The new search in the MainWP activity log extension


Use the child site selection drop down menu to extend the search to that particular child site.

Easily search the activity log of child sites


It’s so easy and fast now to search for a specific event in the child sites’ activity logs. With the new module you can also use the filters on all types of searches!

Other noteworthy updates in version 1.5

In this update we have also:

  • Updated the reports module so it supports the latest data formats used in MainWP. This is also an important update because some specific reports were not working.
  • Improved the responsiveness and the UI of the activity log viewer in the MainWP dashboard.
  • The plugin is fully translatable.
  • We have also fixed a good number of bugs.

Update to Activity Log for MainWP 1.5

Due to some improvements the MainWP team did in the way they store data, previous versions of this plugin may no longer work properly. Therefore this update is very important, so we recommend you to upgrade your install.

If you use MainWP and do not keep a record of changes that happen on MainWP and child sites in an activity log, then you should try this plugin. See for yourself, how you can better manage your child sites, their users, and your customers when you use Activity Log for MainWP.

Download Activity Log for MainWP!

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