Announcing activity logs for Gravity Forms

Today we’re really excited to announce the new activity logs extension for Gravity Forms, which allows the plugin users to keep a log of what is happening in Gravity Forms. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive right in.

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Activity logs for Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is one of the most popular form builder plugins for WordPress. You can create any kind of web form that you want, from a simple contact form to a more complicated one such as a payment form.

When the Activity Log for Gravity Forms extension is installed alongside the WP Activity Log plugin, you can keep a log of when:

  • Forms are created, duplicated, modified, moved to trash or deleted
  • Fields are added, modified or removed from a form
  • Forms are submitted by a user or website visitor
  • Forms’ settings are changed
  • Entries are starred/unstirred, read, modified
  • Notes are added to entries, deleted or modified
  • Gravity Forms plugin settings are changed

These types of changes are very important and can affect the functionality of the forms, the plugin, and also the website. Use the WP Activity Log to instantly spot user mistakes, ensure you meet compliance requirements and keep a record of changes to forms, fields, plugin settings, entries and more.

Refer to the list of Gravity Forms activity log events for the complete list of changes the plugin can keep a log of.

Getting started with activity logs for Gravity Forms

Getting started is really easy! All you need to do is follow this two-step process:

  1. Install WP Activity Log plugin.
  2. Install the Activity Log for Gravity Forms extension by clicking on Enable/Disable Events in the plugin menu, then click the Third Party Plugins tab, and Install Extension.

The extension is also available on the official WordPress plugins repository.

Keep a log of changes that happen in Gravity Forms and your WordPress website

Do you use Gravity Forms?

As we have seen it’s very easy to keep a log of the changes that happen on your Gravity Forms plugin install, forms, entries and other plugin components settings.

Get started by simply installing the WP Activity Log plugin and the Gravity Forms extension.

Keep tabs of users & other activity on your WordPress site

Ensure user accountability, ease troubleshooting, get instantly notified of critical changes, generate user activity reports, & improve the security posture of your WordPress website.

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