Activity logs compliment your WordPress security plugin & solution

Very often we are asked how our activity log plugin compares to, and possibly replaces security plugins and solutions such as Malcare, Sucuri and WordFence.

The very short answer is that even though our plugin is a security plugin, it does not compete with these type of WordPress security plugins. The WP Activity Log plugin is a security focused WordPress activity log plugin, and not a firewall or hardening plugin, which is what the above mentioned plugins and services offer. In fact, it is important to point out that our activity log plugin actually compliments these type of all rounder WordPress security and hardening plugins, as this document will explain.

WordPress Security Consists Of Multiple Solutions

WordPress security consists of multiple solutions

There is no one stop solution or one time fix in web application and WordPress security. Your site’s security is a continuous process of Hardening, Monitoring & Logging (listed in the OWASP Top 10 list), Testing, and Improvements as explained in the 4 Principles of WordPress security. There is no perfect solution and attacks continuously evolve, hence why it is vital to use a number of different solutions that compliment each and allow you to gain a better visibility of your WordPress site security posture.

WordPress Hardening, Protection & Monitoring (Activity Logs)

Popular plugins and services such as Malcare and Sucuri focus on the hardening and protection aspect of your site’s security. These solutions address the defaults and harden the WordPress install, and their firewall blocks possible malicious attacks. Some, like Malcare also have a malware scanner to scan the site for infections.

On the other hand, WP Activity Log keeps a record of every event that happens on your WordPress site and multisite network, another important aspect of your WordPress security strategy. Hence why our WordPress activity logs plugin compliments your WordPress security plugin or service, so ideally you should run both.

Do I Need A Dedicated WordPress Activity Log Plugin?

Some of the all rounder WordPress security solutions do have basic activity logs. In fact their activity logs might be enough for some very small sites, though not for business sites. I like to use the mobile phone VS DSLR camera analogy to explain the difference.

sports photographersMost modern mobile phones have a very good camera, some of which have the same resolution of a DSLR camera. However mobile phones cannot produce the same high quality pictures that a DSLR camera can. A DSLR camera is a specialized camera, while your mobile phone has a generic everyday-use camera. That is why sports and other professional photographers still use big specialized cameras to cover events and not their mobile phone.

And that is exactly the difference between the activity log generated by an all rounder WordPress security plugin or service and the WP Activity Log plugin. Your security plugin might keep a log when someone logs in or out, or installed a plugin or have done some other minor change, but that is as far as they go. On the other hand, the WP Activity Log plugin has a much wider coverage of events and it produces a much more comprehensive activity log, as can be seen from the list of site changes the activity log plugin can keep a log of.

Beyond Keeping Logs – The Complete Logging Solution for WordPress

Another big differentiator from the all rounder security plugins are the features the WP Activity Log plugin has. The plugin is not just another activity log plugin. It does more than keeping logs. It is a complete, one-stop logging solution that enables you to use the data to your advantage. With our activity log plugin for WordPress you can:

  • Get instantly notified of important changes on your WordPress site
  • Generate any type of user and site activity report
  • See who is logged on in real-time and their latest change
  • Customize the activity log to meet your business requirements and security policies
  • Integrate the WordPress activity logs with your central enterprise logging solution
  • Build a WordPress Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • And much more…

Building a Strong & Complete WordPress Site Security Solution

Malicious hackers and their attacks are always evolving, and so is WordPress security. Yet there is no one stop bulletproof solution and there will never be. To properly protect your WordPress sites and multisite networks from both external and internal malicious attacks, and to better manage your business site, you should not rely solely on Malcare or Sucuri.

You should use a strong tool set that helps you address every aspect of WordPress security, a number of plugins and services that enables you to harden, protect, monitor and improve the security posture of your WordPress sites and multisite network.

Keep tabs of users & other activity on your WordPress site

Ensure user accountability, ease troubleshooting, get instantly notified of critical changes, generate user activity reports, & improve the security posture of your WordPress website.

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