Activity log for WPForms update

Today we are happy to announce a new update of the activity log for WPForms extension. In this update we increased the activity log coverage. With this extension, WP Activity Log keeps a record of entry edits and access control changes. Both these features were introduced in WPForms 1.6.0 just a few weeks ago.

Let’s dive right in to see what is new and improved in the latest update of our activity log for the WPForms extension.

Keep a log of entry edits in WPForms

“Getting accurate data and having control over your form entries should be simple.” – WPForms

That is why we improved the plugin’s logging coverage. With our plugin you can now keep a record and know who changed an entry, when, from where. The plugin also keeps a log of both the old and new values, so you can know exactly what was changed.

WPForms entry edits are reported in the activity log


Activity log for access control settings changes in WPForms

WPForms has a number of built-in access control settings. These allow site administrators to give specific privileges to users without an admin role. For example, you can allow a user with a contributor role to create new forms, edit entries, or forms.

Access controls are sacred in security. As a site administrator it is important that you know when these change.

Access control settings changes in WPForms are also reported in the activity logs

In this update of our activity log extensions for WPForms we have also added the coverage of access control settings. Therefore when you or another user changes any of these settings, the plugin keeps a log of the changes.

When the access control settings are changed, WP Activity Log keeps a record in the activity log of who did the change, when and from where, and most importantly of all, what were the access control changes. Refer to the complete list of WPForms changes the plugin can keep a log of.

Keep a log of changes your team does on WPForms

Leads are the bread and butter of every business. Therefore it is of utmost importance to keep a log of all the changes done to your business’ leads and also to the forms and the leads generation systems that you use.

Use WP Activity Log with the activity log for WPForms extension and keep a log of all the changes that happen on your WordPress site and WPForms plugin, forms and entries. Thank you for your continued support of WP Activity log, the #1 user rated activity log plugin for WordPress.

Checkout and download Activity Log for WPForms.

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