Announcing Activity log for WooCommerce 1.4.0

Today we have released the latest version of the extension Activity Log for WooCommerce. This update features several new additions, improvements, and fixes, but the highlight is the improved coverage of changes in WooCommerce orders, which gives you a much better view of how the team is handling the orders on your WooCommerce store.

Highlight: better coverage of changes in WooCommerce orders

Undoubtedly, the highlight of this release is the expanded coverage of changes in WooCommerce orders. In addition to the wide coverage of changes in WooCommerce store and products already available, the extension can now also keep a log of the following changes in WooCommerce orders:

  • A product is added or removed to an order
  • The product quantity in a placed order is changed
  • A fee is added, modified, or removed from an order
  • Order tax is added, modified, or removed
  • Order refund is reversed
  • Shipping is added or removed from an order

Furthermore, the activity log extension is now also able to keep a log of:

  • Changes to currency settings
  • Changes to WooCommerce WebHooks
  • Products’ Low stock threshold changes

Other important improvements

Apart from the ability to keep a log of many more changes, version 1.4.0 adds several improvements and fixes, ensuring smoother operations.

The codebase has now been aligned with the WP coding standard, ensuring better code maintainability and upgrades as we continue to develop the extension.

Also, a number of existing event IDs have been fine tuned for more accurate logging, and the product SKU will now be included in all events that contain product information.

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