WP Activity Log Datasheet

WordPress activity logs

Keep a log of everything that happens on your WordPress sites & multisite networks with the activity log plugin that has the broadest coverage.

The main role of the WP Activity Log plugin is to keep a record of all the system and user changes in a WordPress activity log, and to also help you take advantage of such information. In fact WP Activity Log is more than just any other activity log plugin. It is a complete WordPress activity log solution that:

  • Get notified via SMS & email of important website changes
  • See who is logged in to your website in real time
  • Generate any type of statistics, site and user activity reports
  • Setup a WordPress intrusion detection system (IDS),
  • Control & block simultaneous sessions for the same user
  • Mirror the activity log to AWS CloudWatch, Loggly etc.
  • Keep a log of changes in WooCommerce, Yoast SEO & others
  • And much more!

Since WP Activity Log is such a powerful solution, it has a number of features that typically go unnoticed. This datasheet highlights all these features and benefits that make WP Activity Log the most comprehensive activity log plugin for WordPress.

WordPress Activity Log Key Features & Benefits

Key Feature Benefit
Comprehensive activity log The plugin does not just log a post or a user profile change. It keeps a record of both the old and new configured metadata that was changed in the object.
Detailed change information For every change in the activity log, the plugin reports the user which did the change and their role, the event ID, date and time, the changed object and the type of change, and also the IP address from where the change happened.
Multisite network support WP Activity Log has out-of-the-box support for WordPress multisite networks – it keeps a log of all the changes that happen on the multisite network and all the child sites on the network.
Keeps track of content changes In case of content changes, the plugin also highlights the content changes through a diff view, even when using Gutenberg.
Keeps track of file changes The plugin fully integrates with our plugin Website File Changes Monitor to keep a log of when there are file changes on your website, even of non-WordPress core, plugins or themes files.
Best in class activity log coverage With hundreds of different activity log event IDs, WP Activity Log has the broadest coverage of site & multisite network changes. For more information refer to the complete list of activity log event IDs.
Detailed activity log for WooCommerce WP Activity Log has a dedicated logging sensor for WooCommerce, making it the most comprehensive activity log plugin for WooCommerce.
Activity log for third party plugins WP Activity Log has sensors for popular third party plugins to keep a log when there are settings and other changes on plugins such as Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms, WPForms, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and others.
Activity Log for MainWP networks With the extension Activity Logs for MainWP the plugin can keep a log of all happens on MainWP networks. It also allows admins to view the logs of all child sites from one central place – the MainWP dashboard.
Dead accurate timestamps The timestamp of the activity log events includes the milliseconds, ensuring you have dead accurate records. This is also a requirement many businesses have to adhere to because of strict compliance requirements.
Standard & familiar time & date formats The plugin uses the same time and date format configured on your WordPress site for familiarity, and to maintain all the standards of your website.

The Activity Log Plugin Key Features & Benefits

Key Feature Benefit
Full WordPress multisite network support The WP Security activity log is also an activity log for WordPress multisite networks. When installed on one, the plugin keeps a log of all site and network changes.
File integrity scans (WordPress site file changes notifications) The plugin can be integrated with the Website File Changes Monitor plugin, a WordPress file integrity scanner plugin developed by us, to keep a log of file changes on your website.
WordPress activity log events dashboard widget Once you login you can get a quick overview of the last few changes that happened on your WordPress site from the dashboard widget, without accessing the activity log viewer.
Live activity log events in WordPress admin bar Know what is happening on your site in real time, without stopping what you are doing! The latest activity log event is shown in real time in the WordPress admin bar.
Web application firewalls & reverse proxies support When a WordPress site is hosted behind a WAF or reverse proxy the plugin stills report the IP address of the user. Refer to WordPress activity log reverse proxy & WAF support for more information on this feature.
WordPress login page notification To comply with the GDPR & other mandatory compliance requirements, you can add a notification on the WordPress login page.
Configurable plugin settings access privileges The plugin settings and activity log can only be managed by site administrators. However you can change this access. Refer to managing the WordPress activity log plugin privileges for more information
Hide WP Activity Log from the plugins page You can hide the fact that the activity log plugin is installed on your site by enabling a setting, thus anyone who logs in to your website, including other administrators do not know about the activity log.
Advanced plugin settings for administrators The plugin has a number of settings that allow you to run admin tasks, such as reset the settings to default, purge all the events etc, making it a complete activity log solution for WordPress sites and multisite networks.
Documented hooks for customization & integration Developers have a list of documented hooks they can use to modify the plugin’s behaviour and what is reported in the activity logs. Developers can also use the hooks to integrate the plugin in third party and custom applications.

The Plugin’s Premium Key Features & Benefits

Key Feature Benefit
Users Sessions Management
See who is logged in With the plugin you can see all the logged in users sessions (who is logged on your WordPress site or multisite network) and their latest change in real time.
Limit & manage simultaneous user sessions The plugin allows you to limit and manage the number of simultaneous sessions a WordPress user can have, thus ensuring credentials are not shared and improving security.
Terminate inactive sessions You can configure the plugin to terminate inactive users sessions, protecting your site if users leave their session unattended.
Reports for WordPress
Generate any type of site & user activity report Use the child site selector drop down menu in the activity log viewer to filter the view of events by child site.
Automatically receive weekly, monthly & quarterly email reports Configure any report criteria and schedule it to be sent to you automatically via email. Scheduled reports can be sent daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.
Generate statistics reports Generate statistics reports with information such as number of logins per user or users with a role, number of page views or published content, different IP addresses used etc.
Variety of reports formats All the WordPress reports can be generated in HTML and CSV formats. The latter format is ideal if you want to import or parse the data automatically with other tools.
Search and Filters
Free text search You can use the free text search functionality to easily search for events in the WordPress activity log that include metadata that matches your search term.
Filters to fine tune search results When the searches return a lot of events, it difficult to find what you are looking for. Use the search filters to fine tune the WordPress activity log search results and easily find what you are looking for.
Save search terms and filters combo A handy feature for those who make frequent searches, all text searches and filters combinations can be saved for future use.
Instant SMS & Email Notifications
SMS & Email notifications The plugin has out of the box support for Twilio to send SMS notifications. It also supports Bit.ly to shorten URLs on SMSs. The plugin uses your site’s mail server to send the emails.
Easy start with pre-configured notifications Configuring your first SMS or email notification is very easy with the number of pre configured email notifications that can be enabled with just a mouse click.
Daily activity log summary via email notification. The activity log of a busy WordPress site can have thousands of events per day. Use the daily WordPress activity log digest email to get a highlight of the most important changes that happened that day.
SMS & Email notification trigger builder Use the notification trigger builder to create any type of notification trigger. It supports operands and grouping, thus allowing you to easily create advanced logic for your WordPress notifications.
Editable email notification templates The templates the WordPress activity log plugin uses to send email notifications are editable. Refer to editing the WordPress email notifications templates for more
Editable SMS templates The template used for the SMS notifications is also editable and you can use any of the available tags in your template.
Configurable from email address If you do not want to use the administrator account email address you can configure the from email address and display name the WP Activity Log plugin uses for the email notifications.
Exclusive security email notifications Get an email notification when a user logs in for the first time on your WordPress website. This notification is a must have in case a user is created directly in the WordPress database through a malicious hack.
Activity Log Segregation, Archiving and Management
Store the activity log in an external database By default the activity log is stored in the WordPress database. Ensure the security and integrity of the logs and reduce resources footprint by storing the WordPress activity log in an external database.
Archiving for the WordPress activity log Configure archiving of the WordPress activity log data to an external database based on date so the main database is easier to search in and it remains blazing fast.
Search and generate reports from archived activity log data When you run a search the data in the archive is also searched, and the filters can be applied to it as well. The same with reports, you can generate reports from data stored in the archived WordPress activity log.
Encrypted MySQL connection support. The WP Activity Log plugin supports SSL on MySQL so the connection between your website and the WordPress activity log database is encrypted.
Support for client certificates The WordPress activity log plugin also supports client certificates, so you can use them when connecting to the external WordPress activity log database should they be required in your environment
External database connection buffer The integrity of your WordPress activity log should not depend on the quality of the external database connection. The plugin has a buffer for when the connection is offline or slow, and it temporarily stores the events in the WordPress database until the external database is available again.
WordPress Activity Log Mirroring and Third Party Services Integration
WordPress activity log mirroring Mirror the WordPress activity log to your logs management system and centralize all the information. With WP Activity Log you can mirror your logs to AWS CloudWatch, Loggly, Slack and other services. Refer to the WordPress activity log mirroring technical overview for more information.
Activity log in a log file With the WP Activity Log plugin you can also mirror a copy of your websites’ activity log to a log file on your service. Log files are ideal for many because it is very easy to read data from them and they can be easily parsed automatically by third party applications and services.

Activity Log Management & Configurability Features

Easy to migrate plugin configurationThe plugin’s settings can be easily exported and imported with a few clicks, allowing you to create a base install configuration which you can easily deploy to multiple sites.

Activity Log Settings Benefit
Activity log comprehensibility & levels Any type of activity log event can be disabled and re-enabled, giving you total control on what is logged in the activity log and the level of detail.
Data retention settings The plugin allows you to configure for how long you want to keep the data in the activity log, allowing you to manage the database size and meet any regulatory compliance requirement. You can also configure archiving of the activity log data
Activity Log privileges By default only site administrators or networks super administrators can view the activity log. Though you can configure the privileges to restrict or allow access to any user or role on your WordPress site.
Personalized & standard timezone The plugin uses the UTC timezone for the WordPress activity log timestamps. However you can configure it to use the timezone configured on your WordPress site
User display information You can choose to display either the user’s first & last name, or the username in the activity log. Refer to how to configure the user information displayed in the WordPress activity log for more information
Activity log views The WordPress activity log viewer shows the Event ID, Event Severity, Date & Time, User, Source IP Address and Message columns. You can choose to not show any of these columns from the plugin settings.
Excluded objects from activity log You can exclude objects such as individual WordPress users, users by role, custom fields, IP addresses, post types and more from the plugin settings.
MainWP Child Site Stealth Mode The MainWP Child Site Stealth Mode setting enables admins to hide the plugin when installed on MainWP child sites.
Easy to migrate plugin configuration The plugin’s settings can be exported and imported with just a few clicks, so you can easily create a base plugin configuration to deploy on the plugin installs you have on all the other sites.

Activity Logs for Third Party Plugins

In addition to all of the above features, WP Activity Log also has out of the box support for several third party plugins and solutions. The plugin keeps a log and details of changes done on:

Integration with Third Party Services

The WP Activity Log plugin also supports several third party services with which it can be integrated to mirror logs, send notifications and more. The plugin can mirror the activity logs to:

  • Slack
  • Papertrail
  • Syslog (local and remote servers)

A Leading WordPress Activity Log Plugin

There are several other activity log plugins available for WordPress. However WP Activity Log stands out from the rest because in addition to being designed with security in mind, it is also the plugin that is leading the activity logging technology in WordPress.

The WP Activity Log plugin is:

  • The first activity log plugin to support multisite networks, Gutenberg, MainWP networks and child site changes
  • The most complete activity log solution both in terms of features and changes coverage
  • The most highly rated activity log plugin on the WordPress repository
  • An activity log plugin that can be setup as a WordPress intrusion detection system
Featured image *Case Study Saintly Solutions*

Still not convinced?

When it comes to security, troubleshooting, user management and accountability in business, having a system to keep track of activity on a website is key.

WP Activity Log enables Saintly Solutions to do just that; it maintains a record of user and site changes, so Saintly Solutions keep a finger on the pulse of all WordPress sites, e-commerce stores, and multisite networks they maintain.

Download and try WP Activity Log now to see why thousands of world renowned businesses trust it as their WordPress activity log plugin of choice!