Out now: Activity Log for MainWP 2.0

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Activity Log for MainWP is a great plugin for those looking to centralize their child sites’ activity logs for WordPress. It allows you to monitor activity logs of all the child sites from your MainWP dashboard, with the latest update making this easier and more seamless than ever before.

Big changes for Activity Log for MainWP

Starting with version 2.0 we are dropping the freemium model. The plugin will be available for free, with no paid edition on offer. You can use Activity Log for MainWP to connect to child sites running a premium edition of WP Activity Log, with the Activity Log for MainWP functionality reflecting that available on the child site.

Together with this release, we will be releasing WP Activity Log version 4.4.1. While this release mainly targets compatibility with Activity Log for MainWP 2.0, it also includes fixes for issues reported after the release of 4.4.0.

All users with paid subscriptions have been contacted with details of the way forward. If you have a premium subscription but missed our email, reach out to us as soon as possible.

This update also brings Activity Log for MainWP in line with WP Activity Log, including event IDs and their severity levels (using RFC standard). Another big change included in this release is event ID auto-synchronization, which allows new events to be automatically synchronized from child sites to the main site, including custom events.

Other notable improvements

Another important highlight of this update is the much improved function used to add the activity logs of child sites to the MainWP site. Now the process works much smoother, even on MainWP networks with thousands of child sites. This can help administrators improve the process through which child sites are added, easing workflows and reducing deployment times.

Other features to look forward to include; event ID description on hover over, UI improvements, and the addition of the severity filter in the search extension.

Try Activity Log for MainWP today

If you are already using MainWP to manage multiple websites, getting started with Activity Log for MainWP is now easier than ever before. Download the plugin for free to seamlessly monitor WordPress activity across multiple websites installations.

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