Activity Log for MainWP 1.7.0: Support for any date and time format & more

Today we are happy to announce update 1.7.0 of the Activity Log for MainWP plugin, the invaluable extension that administrators and agencies use to view the activity logs of all child sites from one central portal – the MainWP dashboard.

MainWP extension update banner

Just like we did with WP Activity Log, in this update we updated the date and time functions of the plugin to support any type of date and time format that WordPress supports. We’ve also introduced a couple of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Let’s dive right in to see what’s new and improved in this update.

Support for any type of date and time format on WordPress

Previously, if you have used the WP Activity Log plugin on a child website that uses non-ASCII characters in the date and time formats, you might have noticed that the date and time formats were not as configured in WordPress. Most probably you have also encountered problems when trying to generate reports or adding date filters.

Starting today, this will no longer be an issue. With this update, the MainWP extension supports any type of date and time format that’s supported on WordPress. Therefore, if you can configure it in WordPress, the extension can read and understand that format.

More centrally managed activity log plugin features

In this update, we’ve also added more WP Activity Log plugin settings that can be centrally managed. So with this update, MainWP network administrators can configure these child site settings from the MainWP dashboard:

Hide plugin in plugins page

With this new feature you can now centrally manage the hide plugin in plugins page setting, which allows you to enable or disable the setting for all of your child sites from your MainWP dashboard.

Hide Plugin in Plugins Page Setting

Login page notification settings on all child sites

The second WP Activity Log plugin setting that can be centrally managed from the MainWP dashboard is the login page notification. Therefore, if you want the same message on all child sites login pages, this is the setting you should use – you no longer need to configure this individually.

Login page notification settings

Other noteworthy improvements & bug fixes

Like with every other update, we have also included a number of other improvements and fixed some bugs. Here are those that are worth mentioning:

  • Updated Freemius SDK to the latest version – 2.4.2.
  • Updated third party libraries used in the plugin.
  • Improved the CSS of the extension’s settings page.
  • The Centrally managed activity log settings for child sites has been moved to the plugin menu.
  • Improved the text & metadata of some activity log event IDs.

For more information about what is new and improved in this update, refer to the plugin’s changelog.

Update now for better activity logs on your MainWP network

If you use MainWP and do not keep a record of changes that happen on MainWP and child sites in an activity log, then you should definitely give this plugin a try. See for yourself, how you can better manage your child sites, their users, and your customers when you use Activity Log for MainWP.

If you’d like to learn more about the extension, please refer to the Activity Log for Main WP extension page.

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