Activity Log for MainWP 1.6: New centralized configuration of activity log plugin settings

Today we are happy to announce update 1.6 of the Activity Log for MainWP, the extension that keeps a log of what happens on your MainWP dashboard and also allows you to see all the child sites’ activity logs in the MainWP dashboard.

In this update we are introducing a new feature that allows you to configure the child sites’ activity log plugin settings from one central place, the MainWP dashboard. With such capability agencies and MainWP users can easily standardize their setup, automate more, and save ample amounts of time and money.

That’s the reason we are really excited to announce this new update of the Activity Log for MainWP plugin. Let’s dive right in to see what else is new and improved in this update.

New settings to configure MainWP child sites centrally

With the latest update of the Activity Log for MainWP you can now configure some of the child sites’ activity log plugin settings from the MainWP dashboard. For now, you can configure the activity log retention policies and also disable specific event IDs.

With this new feature you can standardize the configuration of all the activity log plugin installs on your MainWP network and child sites with just a few clicks. It also makes the management of child sites much easier, thus you’ll have more time to invest in winning new customers.

Refer to configuring the child sites’ WP Activity Log plugin settings from your MainWP Dashboard for more detailed information on how this feature works and how you can configure the settings.

Just a few settings, but there is more around the corner

You might be wondering why you can only configure two settings from the MainWP dashboard, and you’re right to notice that. The good news is that this is just the first part of a much bigger project.

We are just testing the waters and want to get as much feedback as we can from the users. Then we will use that feedback to further develop this feature and allow the configuration of many other plugin settings. So please test this new feature and send us your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.

Other noteworthy updates in 1.6

Apart from the new settings feature, we are also happy to have a much needed new logo for this plugin. In this update we have also included a number of bug fixes and other maintenance improvements, making the plugin more reliable.

For more information about what is new and improved in this update, refer to the plugin’s changelog in the readme.txt file.

Update now & better manage your MainWP network and child sites activity log!

With the newest update you are going to save a lot of time (and money) by better managing the activity logs of all the child sites.

If you use MainWP but do not use the Activity Log for MainWP extension, and want to ease the troubleshooting of user and technical issues on child sites, go ahead and download the free Activity Log for MainWP extension.

If you’d like to learn more about the extension, please refer to the Activity Log for Main WP extension page.

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