Accurate WordPress Monitoring with WP Activity Log Plugin

We are happy to announce a new update of our WordPress security monitoring plugin WP Activity Log. The new version of our plugin enables WordPress administrators and multisite network super administrators to accurately monitor all activity since milliseconds are also being reported in the alert time stamp. This new feature allows government and other compliance bound agencies and organizations to use WP Activity Log and still be compliant.

New Features in Version 1.2.0

The below is a list of new features we introduced in version 1.2.0:

Unlimited Alerts & Optional Auto Pruning Options

In previous versions of WP Activity Log administrators could store up to 5000 alerts. In this new version of the plugin administrators can keep as much alerts as they like. The alerts auto pruning options in the new version can also be enabled or disabled as desired.

WordPress security alerts pruning options in WP Activity Log

More Accurate Alert Timestamps

The WordPress security alert timestamps in this new version of WP Activity Log will also include the milliseconds, as highlighted in the below screenshot.

Time stamp in WordPress Security Alerts

Hide Plugin from WordPress Plugins Page

Administrators can now hide the WP Activity Log plugin from the WordPress plugins page from the plugins settings. This feature comes in handy should the WordPress site be hacked; if a malicious user manages to gain access to the admin dashboard, he cannot see the enabled plugin and disable it, hence malicious activity will still be recorded and logged.

Multisite Auto Complete Site Search

If there are more than 15 sites enabled on a WordPress multisite installation the site selection drop down menu is replaced with an auto complete site search box for a more practical site selection. Read the documentation WP Activity Log WordPres Multisite Features for more details about WordPress multisite support and features.

New WordPress Security Alerts

Like in every other version, in this new version we introduced a number of WordPress security alerts that enhance the security monitoring of WordPress and WordPress multisite blogs and websites. The new alerts introduced in this version of the plugin are:

  • Alert 5007: User uninstalled (deleted) a WordPress theme
  • Alert 5008: Super administrator network activated a WordPress theme in multisite
  • Alert 5009: Super administrator network deactivated a WordPress theme in multisite

For a complete list of WordPress security alerts and WordPress activity that WP Activity Log can monitor and keep an audit of refer to the Complete List of WordPress Security Alerts.

Download WP Activity Log Plugin

Download the WordPress security monitoring plugin WP Activity Log from the official WordPress plugin repository and start monitoring your WordPress and WordPress multisite installations today. For more details about the WordPress activity that WP Activity Log plugin can monitor refer to the List of WordPress Security Audit Log Alerts.

Upgrading WP Activity Log Plugin

Once you login to your WordPress using an administrator account you will be automatically notified that an upgrade of WP Activity Log plugin is available. You can upgrade automatically by clicking the upgrade link.

If you want to manually upgrade the plugin; download WP Activity Log from the WordPress repository, deactivate the plugin from the WordPress dashboard, delete all plugin files and replace them with the new files. Once all files are uploaded, enable the plugin from the WordPress dashboard.

Rate WP Activity Log Plugin

If you use WP Activity Log plugin and it helped you improve the security and monitoring of your WordPress blogs and websites, please rate WP Activity Log on the WordPress repository. If you have any questions, feedback or need support please get in touch with us by sending us an email on

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