WordPress file changes warnings & more in WP Activity Log 3.2

Just a few weeks after we released WP Activity Log 3.1.7, and a few weeks before we hit WordCamp Europe we are happy to announce the new WP Activity Log 3.2, which (finally) includes WordPress file integrity checker. Read this post for a highlight of what is new and improved in version 3.2 of the most comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin:

WordPress website file changes warnings in the WordPress activity log

Most probably this was the most asked for feature – keep a record of any file added, modified or deleted on a WordPress website in the WordPress activity log. The plugin uses three different event IDs to report file changes in the activity log, which are:

  • Event ID 6029 to report newly created files,
  • Event ID 6028 to report that an existing file was modified,
  • Event ID 6030 to report that a file was deleted from the website.

WordPress file changes events in the activity log

The scanning for website file changes, also known as WordPress file integrity check, is enabled by default and runs once a week. You can configure the scanning frequency and other scan settings from the plugin settings. You do not have to worry about performance because the scanning process is heavily optimized and on a low spec’d test web server, the plugin can scan up to 21,000 files per minute!

Read the WordPress file changes warnings and file integrity checks in the activity logs for all the technical details on how the WP Activity Log plugin file changes scanning technology works and how you can configure it.

MySQL database connections over SSL & Client Certificates

The External database module in the plugin, which allows you to store the WordPress activity log in an external database, mirror it or archive it now supports SSL and client Certificates. So now you configure a connection with an external database and you can encrypt the communication between your WordPress activity log plugin and the remote MySQL database server.

Other plugin improvements & bug fixes

In this update we have also done some other improvements and fixed a number of issues reported by our users, whom we’d like to thank for their cooperation. For a complete list of what is new and improved please refer to the WP Activity Log change log.

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