Update of WP Activity Log Released

Today we released version of WP Activity Log, the comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin. This is a hotfix release, which includes some bug fixes but also a number of improvements that make the plugin easier to use. Here is a highlight of what is included in this version update.

New Activity Log Events

As our commitment to continuously improve the coverage of the WordPress activity log plugin, in this update we included three new events:

Refer to the complete list of WordPress activity log events for more information on what the plugin can keep a record of.

MainWP Child Site Stealth Mode

Since we announced our support and integration with the MainWP WordPress management platform, we have received a lot of good feedback. One thing we’ve learnt is that many MainWP users do not necessarily want their clients to see the messages in the activity log, because in most cases they cannot understand them, thus creating confusion.

To address this issues we developed the new MainWP Child Site Stealth Mode setting, which is automatically enabled when the plugin is installed on a site on which there is the MainWP Child Site plugin. For more information on how this feature works refer to What is the MainWP Child Site Stealth Mode setting.

Plugin Improvements

  • Added sub categories in the Enable/Disable Events section
  • Improved the sensor for the detection of plugins activations and deactivations
  • Added response notifications for when old data is purged from the activity log
  • Added a pop-up to confirm the chosen log level was applied successfully

Breaking Change – Removed Mcrypt Support

In version 2.6.5 of the plugin, which was released on the 18th of July 2017 we replaced Mcrypt with OpenSSL. We previously used Mcrypt to store the connection details of the external database and other activity log integrations, but replaced it because it was superseded by OpenSSL. Since then we have kept backward compatibility for Mcrypt to give users enough time to migrate to the newer versions of the plugin.

It has been more than a year since we replaced Mcrypt, so in this update we are removing Mcrypt support completely. You should not be affected by this change unless you are using a version of the plugin that is earlier than version 2.6.5. If you are using an earlier version of the plugin, update it to version before updating to this version.

Updating the Plugin & Support

You will be notified that a plugin is available in your WordPress dashboard. Should you encounter any issues with the update or the plugin please contact us for assistance.

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