WP Activity Log 3.1.5 – Yoast SEO activity log & Improved users sessions management

We are always excited about new plugin update releases, especially when we have new killer features to share with you. The two big highlights of version 3.1.5 of the most comprehensive activity log plugin for WordPress are:

  • Detailed activity Log for YOAST SEO plugin,
  • A new fully blown users sessions management module.

This posts explains in detail the two new features and what else is improved in this update of the plugin.

Activity Log for Yoast SEO Plugin

The WP Activity Log plugin can now keep a log of SEO changes users do on posts (post / page / custom post type), and when administrators change the Yoast SEO plugin settings. Let’s dive a bit into the details.

Changes in Yoast SEO Meta Box

If you have used the Yoast SEO plugin you are certainly familiar with the SEO metabox shown in the below screenshot.

The Yoast SEO metabox in WordPress posts

When a user changes any of the SEO details or settings, the WP Activity Log keeps a record of the change in the WordPress activity log. The plugin keeps a record of what was updated as well. So for example in case the title was changed, it will keep a log of the title change which also includes the old and new title. Below is the list of Alert IDs the plugin uses to keep a record of such changes:

  • 8801: Changed the SEO title
  • 8802: Modified SEO description
  • 8803: Changed the option Allow Search engine to show post in search results
  • 8804: Changed the option Search Engine follow links
  • 8805: Set the Meta Robots Advanced setting
  • 8806: Changed the canonical URL
  • 8807: Changed the focus keyword
  • 8808: Enabled / disabled the option cornerstone article

Refer to the complete list of all the Alert IDs the WP Activity Log plugin uses to keep a record of what has changed on WordPress for more detailed information.

Changes in Yoast SEO Plugin Settings

The WP Activity Log plugin also keeps a record of the settings changes WordPress administrators do on the Yoast SEO plugin, for example when the home page meta description is changed, or when the XML sitemap is enabled or disabled.

Here is the list of Alert IDs the WP Activity Log plugin uses to keep a record of the Yoast SEO plugin settings changes in the WordPress activity log:

  • 8809: Changed title separator
  • 8810: Changed the Homepage Title
  • 8811: Changed the Homepage Meta description
  • 8812: Changed the Knowledge Graph setting
  • 8813: Changed the option Show Posts / Pages / Attachments in Search Results
  • 8814: Changed the Posts / pages / Attachments title template
  • 8815: Changed the SEO Analysis setting
  • 8816: changed the Readability analysis setting
  • 8817: Change the cornerstone content setting
  • 8818: Changed the Text link counter setting
  • 8819: Changed XML Sitemaps setting
  • 8820: Changed Ryte Integration setting
  • 8821: Changed the Admin bar menu setting
  • 8822: Changed the Posts / Pages / Attachments meta description template
  • 8823: Changed option Date in Snippet Preview for Posts / Pages / Attachments
  • 8824: Set the option Yoast SEO Meta Box for Posts / Pages / Attachments to Disabled
  • 8825: Changed the setting Security: no advanced settings for authors

Refer to the complete list of all the Alert IDs the WP Activity Log plugin uses to keep a record of what has changed on WordPress for more detailed information.

WordPress Users Sessions Management Module

Event ID 1004 - same user session blocked

In this update of the WP Activity Log plugin we also included the fully revamped WordPress Users Sessions Management module, which you can use to:

  • Terminate all logged in users sessions with just one click (in case you notice suspicious behavior),
  • Limit the number of multiple sessions per WordPress user (ideal for all those subscription websites who want to ensure paid users do not share their login details),
  • Automatically terminate idle logged in WordPress sessions,
  • Configure logged in session override settings,
  • Use text search and search filters to search for logged in users,
  • And much more!

Read managing logged in WordPress users sessions for more detailed information on this powerful module and how to configure it.

Other Improvements & Bug Fixes in 3.1.5

We have also added other improvements and bug fixes. For example now the plugin can also keep a log of automated changes to WooCommerce products’ stock quantities which are done via a plugin, or when an order is placed.

For a complete list of what is new, improved and fixed in this new update of the most popular and comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin refer to the plugin’s change log.

Updating to WP Activity Log 3.1.5

You will be notified of the new plugin update when you login to your WordPress admin pages (dashboard). Simply click update and the plugin will be automatically updated. Should you require any assistance do not hesitate to contact us!

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